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The art of writing, whether a play, musical or a song is a gift that some have, and others wish for!    At this stage of my life my passion includes all the above as well as performing songs, songs that I've written and cover songs.  Because I am a single entity searching for a creative way to fulfill my artistic goals, using technology shortcuts to get me there quickly has become my passion.  Thus, exploring a digital band philosophy seemed like a no-brainer.  And secondly, the ability to create a professional song recording using the digital band concept works and is relatively easy with the musical software available today.  This does not mean it will work for you but it works for me.

As a result of my journey from live to digital band performances and on to songwriting, I am having a great time writing, recording and therefore, willing to share some of my experiences on this Site.  Let me reassure you that my musical preference is always 'live music' and in fact, the Fort Worth Songwriter's Association has provided me an opportunity for demonstrating my songwriting skills since first joining the Association in 1997.  As available during my business travel, the Association has permitted me to perform locally at live music events through their open mic sessions and community Show Case events.  This Association and others are highly recommended as a great place to hone your artistic songwriting skill.  

Please read the information below at least once to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what this site is all about.  Comments/Suggestion?  Please use the CONTACT form.

Thanks for your interest in music.



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The Site Player is located at the bottom of each page and will continuously play a brief snippet of recorded original songs.  Just click on the 'Play' triangle to start or the 'Pause' icon to stop.  On the DEMO ALBUM page we’ve provided links to a variety of original songs which have been studio produced.  The recordings are for demonstration purposes only but we’ll be pleased to discuss providing you with original copies of the music and lyrics.  The same applies to theatrical scripts something being developed with more information forthcoming.  All of the songs are copyrighted by the original artist including both the lyrics and music.  All the songs listed herein are registered with ASCAP, the American Society of Composers and Publishers.  Call or text at (316) 214-7523 or use the form on our CONTACT page for additional information.