The Digital Band 'BRANSON' evolved over a period of years in part because of the digital revolution in music but also, because humans often become bored with the routine which might includes our own preferences in music.   My childhood dream of becoming a rock star or actor morph over time from having fun and enjoying life as a child to a more pragmatic view of the human experience.  We often become so busy with our work and other priorities that 'playing in a local band' or participating in the local community theater become almost impossible and so, we often withdraw into our own little world with fading memories of 'what could have been'.  

As a result of my life challenges competing with my continuing interest in music, I made a 90 degree turn towards my artistic interests and what I could control and that was home focused digital music.  My journey started on the electronic Organ where I learned to play the bass pedals independent of the Organ but playing the bass pedals with lead and rhythm guitar licks.  Later, I added reverb for my vocals and then, I added a little black box that allowed me to sing harmony with myself and more recently, I added digital drums and the digital bass.  And lest we forget, the recording software that is currently available offers so many options for digital enhancements one wonders out loud, what else will they come up with?


Our team of writers are ready, willing and able to develop lyrics and music or even a short melodrama script for your own special occasion….that’s right, now you can celebrate almost any special occasion with songs and scripts created just for you!  And by the way, we’ll record the song(s) and/or video(s) just for you and package the finished product in a beautiful display as a memento of the occasion.  For more information please complete the CONTACT form and we’ll be happy to discuss a proposal with you.