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Where to Start?

A sound or a story!

To illustrate our songwriting journey, we've created a variety of Demo Albums on this Site.  The Song Genre is listed after the song title for ease of use including Southern Gospel, Country, Christmas, Patriotic, Traditional Gospel, Rap and Rockabilly.  All of the listed songs on this Site are Copyrighted and registered with ASCAP, the American Society of Composers and Publishers.  For inquiries about any of the songs, please contact the Webmaster at contact@bransondigitalband.com.  All songs listed herein are for demonstration purposes only and are not for sale as recorded.  If you have an interest in performing any of the songs please use the CONTACT form to request further information. 

Original Tracks - Studio Produced

Country Demo Album 1 (Studio Produced)

Again:  Country Waltz

Drinkin' Sets Me Free - Classic Country

Help Me - Classic Country

If It Is To Be - Rockabilly Country

You Don't Have To Be - Classic Country


Country Demo Album 2 (Studio Produced)

Against the Wall - Country

Let's Dance One More Time - Country Waltz

Look into the Mirror - Classic Country

Please Don't Leave - Country


Country Demo Album 3 (Studio Produced)

Freedom - Patriotic Country

Get Lost Buddy - Rockabilly Country

Let's Stand up for the Flag - Patriotic Country

Let's Remember - Country

The Old Red Barn - Country


Southern Gospel Demo Album 1 (Studio Produced)

Gift of Love - Southern Gospel

Grace is the Answer - Southern Gospel

Heaven is Much More -Southern Gospel

Shout Hallelujah - Southern Gospel

Love for His Children - Southern Gospel


Southern Gospel Demo Album 2 (Studio Produced)

At Heaven's Gate - Southern Gospel

The Beginning - Southern Gospel

The Song - Southern Gospel

This is My Son - Southern Gospel


Misc Demo Album 1 (Studio Produced)

It's Time - Jazzy/Blues

Sittin' in the Front Seat - Rockabilly Country

When You Walked Out - Country


Christmas Demo Album 1 (NOT YET Studio Produced)

Cause it was Christmas Eve - Christmas/Holiday

Santa's on a Mission - Christmas/Holiday

What am I Supposed to do - Holiday Message

The Meaning of Christmas - Christmas/Holiday


Original Songs Under Development

To better illustrate how music is developed digitally, a number of copyrighted but not studio produced (yet) songs are included in this section to better illustrate the developmental process as the song is readied for studio production.  First, let's assume the basic lyrics and musical idea is suitable for a future live studio production.  The next phase with respect to the home bound journey is choosing the digital instruments followed by vocal support. 

In my digital world, choosing the digital instruments is basically by trial and error; choosing the right live vocalist for the song is equally important but less complex.  I ask myself, is this a gender friendly song, that is, female or male oriented?  Does gender of the vocalist make any difference?  Moving from the basics developed in my home studio to a recording studio where the final track is cut completes the journey except for marketing.   Marketing is another aspect of the musical journey and a topic we'll get into at a later date.

At the following link are a few  examples currently being digitally developed to illustrate the songwriting journey from lyrics, to the music to a digital demo and then, on to the live recording studio:

Demo Album - Not Studio Produced